Fall Decorating Tips: Front Entry

It's still pretty warm here in Houston, and I cannot tell you how ready I am for that Fall temperature to kick in and cool off my hometown.  I'm hoping that when I arrive in High Point tonight, the weather will be cooler there than it is here.  When we think of Fall, we think of leaves changing into those gorgeous red, yellow, and orange tones.

Fall is the predecessor to the holidays, and we often start to decorate the exterior of our homes.  We typically see rustic decor in the front of the house during the fall---it's a time when we truly look to nature as the inspiration.  Before the trick or treaters stop by your home, think of using natural textures as the decor for your entryway.

Hay bales:


Pumpkins & Gourds: 



Festive Fall Greenery:




Unique Containers:


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