Fall Is Here & So Is The Libra Sun!

Fall arrives on Sunday afternoon, September 22, 2013. This also means that the Sun is in Airy, Libra. Lovely. Relationships of all types are now in the forefront – family, friends, marriages, business partners. It’s fun to be with people, to chat, flirt, laugh. The 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Venus, loves beautiful things, wants to be in the midst of music, art and charm filled situations  - wants all the good stuff to warm and lift the spirits. My suggestion for anything Libran is always: meet some fun folks for brunch. With Communication planet Mercury transiting Libra until 9/29/13, it should make for even more clever and charming conversation for this very social sign.

As always, your experience of the Sun in a particular sign depends most upon where it appears in your chart, but a Libra Sun does set a mood to benefit us all. Edges can be smoothed off of some contentious interactions, they may soften and even sparkle. Libra will wants to cast a glow of congeniality. It’s all about socializing, networking, getting along.

The Libra way is to see both sides of an issue before making decisions. Seeking harmony by trying to be “fair” can sometimes lead to appearing wishy-washy. Using the "Pros/Cons" list method for making decisions can just string the selection process out. Be aware that important action can be stalled by over think. Paying attention to instinct and being honest will give a more direct line to a choice. Don't hesitate to show your spine when needed (some may be surprised when the Libra inner tensile strength is revealed), you'll still be loved!

Libra Sun * Fall Equinox 9/22/13 – 4:44PM Eastern / 1:44PM Pacific

Gemstone: Aventurine * Power colors: Blues and violets * Body Part: Kidneys

BTW:  The Scale is Libra’s Astrology symbol. All other Zodiac signs are either people or animals.








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