*Falling asleep*

How long does it take me to 'fall' asleep at night


I go to bed when I am ready, not because the clock tells me it is time to go to bed.

Therefore, I don't have sleep issues, and I practice meditation. 


Meditation, and giving myself Reiki, as I am a Reiki master can get me to sleep in a heartbeat.


One thing that can help you, if you have a difficult time falling asleep at night, or day whichever is your schedule due to work hours...is to before retiring, get yourself comfortable in the place you sleep in.  This works best if your lying on your back. You can always go off to sleep if you say...sleep on your side, when you have completed this exercise.

  Breathe in through your nose deeply and slowly, and release your breathe through your mouth.  Three times. This prepares you to relax. Relax every muscle, every bone in your body.  Begin with your head, and work it all down to your toes.  If you mess up, start again, try to visualize all of those muscles and bones in a relaxed state, one by one.  Your scalp, facial expression, your neck, and so on. Let every muscle and bone be completely relaxed, feeling no tension or resistance. 


Imagine yourself sitting in your most favorite place that you would like to be.  It may be in the mountains, by the ocean, maybe just in your own back yard.

Be creative, decorate your place with all that you love to enjoy being there. Take it all in. The time of day or night that your visiting, the temperature of where your at, any sounds, smells of your created in your minds eye place.  Give yourself a chance to enjoy the place that you created, after all it is your new space to go to now, and each time you feel the need to visit.


Imagine then, that you see a hot air balloon heading your way, you don't see anyone in the basket, just the balloon.  See it getting closer and closer to you, as it arrives, get up in your mind and go meet the balloon. 


It is at that point, that you place all that has bothered you today, or through the week into the basket of the hot air balloon.  No people, just things.  You can put people in, but it is not for people, it is for things.  

When your finished filling your basket, see yourself waving good bye to your basket.  Watch it leave and come back the way it arrived, seeing it get smaller and smaller as it travels off into the distance.  


You should be in a relaxed state, and should easily fall to sleep.  You can then place yourself into the position in which you prefer to sleep, say good night to yourself, and have a good nights rest.


You should wake up feeling refreshed. 


I am a firm believer in creative visualization. It is not only an exercise for your brain, it is how to help yourself, such as falling to sleep, and other things too, but for this writing, falling to sleep. 

I am opposed to sleeping pills, and even so I have been to the hospital for gall bladder, and female issues, I have always refused a sleeping pill the night before my surgeries.


I hope you each sleep well, and have fun relaxing to get there, and fixing up your special place in your minds eye to get there...it is all apart of it. 



Sandy's Musings 




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