False Starts and New Revelations

Where the heck have you been?  Did you give up already?!

This is what I imagine my readers are wondering.  I mean, it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post.  And when I think about that, and the implications, it means something totally different to me.  I HAVEN"T BOUGHT ANY LUXURY ITEMS IN 2 WEEKS!

Usually, when I'm stressed, or bored, or tired, I go shopping.  Always browsing through clearance racks, discount stores, or online for good deals on things that quite frankly, I do not need.  So what has changed?  Now that I am living by my challenge, I am learning to appreciate the things I have and reconsider the things I want.  When I see something on someone else, or dare to look at the many shopping emails clogging my inbox I actually have to stop and think- is it worth the search?  And I'm finding that searching for some things is a lot harder than I expected.  

For example: I need a coat.  Not just any coat.  I am super picky and I want a warm, comfortable coat that I can wear on a daily basis and look professional/dressed up. Now, with the crazy Ohio weather (60 to 20 in the same week), I have managed to get by with what I have, but when going out to dinner or out with friends I just feel a little dumpy in heels and a ski coat.  But I'm warm and I am coming to realize that might just be enough.  It won't stop me from looking, but I am in no hurry to find a coat and can take my time to look for a good one.

Other than that I have already talked myself OUT of looking for: a purse, a dutch oven, jeggings (go ahead and judge), and scrubs.  Why?  Because I HAVE all these things (except the dutch oven) and my time could be much better spent studying for school or out with friends than spending the extra time it would take to look for NEW ones.  Yes, I will continue to browse for certain items every time I go out, but when I analyze whether I want these things simply to fill my time, or I need them for a specific purpose, generally reason wins out.  My bank account is already thanking me.

The coat search will continue.  Also approaching: Valentine's day, my birthday (I NEED a birthday outfit, right?), and the dreaded start to clinics.

What things do you spend your money on that you're just buying to "buy"?


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