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When I first started travelling for my job it was so exciting. I found this excellent place to work in the heart of the "Silicorn Valley" (ie: Iowa) at a technology/software company. It was like a diamond in the rough. A salary unmatched in our area, the opportunity to work with the Fortune 500 and really dive into Corporate America without the hustle and bustle of the city (though I do miss my city!).

Then I had children. I remember my first trip after my son Isaiah was born. As excited as I was to actually sleep through the night, how was I going to leave my baby?

Fast forward almost 3 years (plus another baby) and, while I miss my husband and babies like crazy, I'm finding that I do enjoy the travel. For several reasons. First, it is an opporutnity to see places that I have never seen before. Second, it makes me better at my job. Third, I believe it may make my marriage stronger. Fourth, sometimes I get to take my husband with me. Etc. Etc.

I'm so very fortunate to be able to travel and have a husband who is home so much with our children. The nurses 2-3 12 hour shift schedule really benefits us there! But I do feel guilty enjoying this opporutnity. Though it is not like I am travelling a lot (maybe about 1 trip per month, sometimes more). I do sense some jealousy from my husband at the time I get to spend away. Some trips are much more demanding than others. Putting in 15+ hour days. Others are extremely light, like the trade shows and such.

Well, that's enough rambling for now. Just my thoughts on a travelling mother.


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