Family and Flex Time During Crunch Season

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Family and flex time can be difficult under normal conditions. What about when you work in a high-pressure career where there is a definable crunch time. What then? Learn more about this and what options you have to remain in your career even when you've got a family. Read this story on flex time and the Big Four accounting firms at The Glass Hammer.

Lisa James used to dread tax season. As a CPA for a large accounting firm in the early 1990s, she put in 60 hour work weeks between January and May, and then settled back into a 45-50 hour per week routine with very little downtime, except for a three week vacation. “It was challenging, and sometimes even grueling, but my company had no concept of flex time,” says James, who kept this schedule for 5 years until she married and had children. “I managed pretty well by putting my first child in infant care, but when the second baby arrived, I found I could not keep up with either my company’s or the client’s expectations. Since I am a perfectionist, I felt I had no options but to quit for awhile.”

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