Powering Up Your New Year: Resolutions You Can Make and Keep

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The idea  of making technological New Year's Resolutions came to me as I was trying to figure out how to sync our Xbox 360 with my laptop.  And I couldn't figure it out.  I had to visit the tutorial.  In doing so,  I realized that despite having quite a bit of digital media in my house, office and vehicle, I don't use any of it to the fullest capability.  All I've ever done is read the "Quick Start Guide" -anything beyond that just isn't on my radar. 


So I came up with a list of New Years Resolutions I am going to try this year:

1.  Update my GPS. I'm going to find the connecting cord, plug that puppy into my computer and figure out how to download the upgrade.  Why on earth shouldn't my GPS be current? Don't I want to get places quickly and efficiently?  Don't I want the new locations in my GPS so I can find new places to go when I am out of town? I use my GPS quite a bit when I am traveling for work. I love how I can press "Food" and it will help me find a Thai place in seconds.  So I'm gonna upgrade that sucker.

2.  Utilize Tweetdeck or some other platform to manage my Twitterstream. I'm missing conversations I should be following and following conversations I could totally afford to miss.

3.  Switch to a more efficient online calander program. I've tried a few and never settled on one. This year I am going to pick one, take the time to learn how to use it, and stick with it.

4.  Learn how to create seperate folders for my incoming email. The capability is there for it, I've just never  taken the time to teach myself how. This year I will.

5.  Create Facebook Lists. Right now everyone is my Friend, but now I realize after using FB for a while, some people should have limited access. Not because I don't like them, but because I really don't know them.  I think full access should only be available to people I actually consider actual friends and colleagues, not just folks with whom I am aquainted.

6.   Get smarter about my smartphone. I'm going to sit down and go through the owner's manual, pick out the features I want to learn to use , features that will enhance my life and then teach myself how. If I can't learn on my own, I'm going  to find someone to help me.

7.  Update the parental controls on our computers and talk with the kids about any changes we make. It's been a couple of years since we've changed any of the settings and I think the kids are older now and can handle more online freedom.

8.  Understand and use the features on my digital camera.  I could be taking much better photos, I have an awesome camera, and yet I probably only use a quarter of its bells and whistles.

This year I want to take a new appoach.  I am focusing on how I can make  changes using the equipment I already own, using digital media differently and/or seeking out more effective techology  in order to enhance our life as a family.

New Years Resolutions don't have to be serious in order for you to keep them. Cheryl Bowman offers a list including funny resolution suggestions.

Try something new. In a year you might be an expert in your own right. Just like Kate at Centsational girl. She picked up a fabulous camera 9 months ago, and it's changed her life.

It's never too late to resolve to communicate better with your family, particularly teens, and especially about social media. Here is a great series of articles from Susan Scheff and it even includes info on beginning a family blog which is something our digital natives are learning about in school and might want to try in 2010.

Got any tips to help me succeed at my resolutions? What about you? Got any resolutions you are considering in the technological area?

Resolve to keep the conversation going over at Family Connections. Join up! I bet there's quite a lot to say about where we all see ourselves a year from now!


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