What the Heck is a Momspotter?

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I saw a lot of tweets over the weekend asking "what the heck is this momspotting thing?"

People, I'm here to help.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an overview post on the Family Connections citizen journalism project here at BlogHer. The subject: Parenting in a digital age. We're embarking on something groundbreaking in citizen journalism. We've enlisted a group of 20 fabulous bloggers:  the momspotters. We call them "momspotters" because they are our on-the-ground reporters, and their beat is their own family. They tweet three times a day, six days a week, about digital parenting. You can  follow their tweets from a map on BlogHer that lights up as they send in their reports. Or, you can tweet with the #momspotting hashtag yourself and let us know what you think is important about digital parenting.

Why are we doing this? We're interested in how normal moms (or as normal as we bloggers can be) use technology to interact with their families, and how these moms protect their kids who are navigating a newly digital world.

The three Family Connections contributing editors -- Susan Getgood, Devra Renner and Gina Carroll -- and I (your faithful project editor) are watching the momspotting tweets (#momspotting) for trends. These insightful writers are using what they learn as well as their own insight to bring you regular coverage of parenting in a digital age.

Please feel free to tweet us or tell us what's on your mind. I've set up a list on Twitter called Family Connections. Or join our Family Connections group here on BlogHer. Stay tuned!


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