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It seems much longer than five years, and in some ways like only yesterday, that we brought home our little girl. She was 8 years old and was ready for a forever home.  Our process to bring her home was akin to riding a roller coaster while being shot at with a machine gun.

But, we finally got off that roller coaster and jumped on another. Being parents to Boo has been full speed ahead. She has done gymnastics, dance, twirling, basketball, softball, volleyball, and band. (not all at the same time) She is in the National Honor Society and in two advanced classes. And she’s kinda cute.

I posted on facebook today the quote from Robert Frost, “ Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  Life with Boo certainly forced us down a different road in life. It was less traveled as not many people I know have adopted an older child from foster care. Now, I know several and am meeting more each year.

We often say that we make our bucket list as we go. We never dreamed that we would be on live TV with our dog, but there we were. Who else has that on their bucket list?  It was awesome. We have driven her in parades as a reinging beauty queen. Had a sell out crowd at her book signing. BUCKET LIST!!

It hasn’t all been perfect, don’t get me wrong. Somehow, I am raising a small version of my mother. While mother is wonderful, she is headstrong and leaves a path of destruction behind her in anything that she does. Candy wrappers are everywhere, as are socks, combs, and a can of exploding hair spray.

So now, I find myself running behind her with an armload of tights, batons, and a camera. I try to find time to volunteer with our foster care system in our county. I listen to those in the process of adopting. And I think of how blessed we are, expecially each November 1.

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