Family DIY Halloween Costume Inspiration

What-to-wear is an everyday challenge. We worry about being dressed appropriately for the weather, being comfortable  all day long, and wondering if anyone will notice you’ve worn the same thing twice in one week.

Halloween is a different challenge. We get to be whoever or whatever we want to be. It’s a day of make believe for children and adults!

I was inspired by the many families I saw coordinating costumes last year and wanted to participate. My son is too young to tell me what he wants to be for Halloween, but I do know what he likes: SUPERHEROES!

You’d think it would be easy to put together a family of superheroes but many of the store bought costumes are expensive and cheap quality, most lady superheroes wear “stretchy” from head to toe, and my Mr. is reluctant to dress up.

I am putting my sewing machine, our closets, and a few store bought accessories to use. I have done my research and put together costume DIY inspiration to serve as my guide as our costumes come together piece by piece.

For the TODDLER:

 Thor DIY Costume Inspiration

For the MOMMY:


Black Widow DIY Costume Inspiration

For the DADDY:  

Superman DIY Costume Inspiration

I'm pretty sure someone will point out that Superman is NOT an Avenger, but when you are a part of a family, you are ALL SUPERHEROES!

What are your costumes this year? Are you or have you dressed up as a family?



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