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Now that I have a family of my own, I am on a quest. My son–my never-ending inspiration–is also my nemesis at mealtime. I wonder in amazement at his friends who seem to eat everything, while my son remains so particular that I want to scream.  I went on a search for someone who had recipes that would work for my entire family. When I didn’t find them, I thought maybe I should try to create meals for adults who want to eat appealing, delectable foods that—with a twist or two—could be turned into meals my son and his friends would enjoy too. Just one meal for the whole family.  I don’t think I can cure every child’s palette peculiarities, but if I can help a few families along the way, that will be success!

This website is devoted to helping you use wholesome foods–seasonally whenever possible–to make meals the whole family will enjoy. I support involving the whole family in the meal preparation process, teaching kids about food, and explaining to them where their meals comes from. I support Slow Food USA when time allows, and I support bringing back the family meal.

I will give you a table-side view of what I am cooking each week, and how I translate recipes to be kid-friendly with only a few steps so that you, in fact, make just one meal. Here’s how:

    * Under “Weekly Meal Planners,” I will post my meal plan for the week.

    * If you prefer to make your own meal plans, you will be able to click on the “Add to Plan” link at the top of each recipe to create your own meal plans.

    * Also on the top of each recipe there is a link: “Add to List” which automatically creates a downloadable grocery list for each recipe. You can also customize this list by the stores you shop at and download your grocery lists to your smart phone.

    * I have also added a section for you to add your own recipes to share with our fellow visitors at the table.  If you have the time or the inclination, I invite you to the table and to join in a vibrant dialogue.

 I hope this website inspires everyone to cook with your kids, share more and make family meal time fun again.

 Feel free to provide feedback on my site. I look forward to hearing what you have to say and sharing with the group where possible. To read more about this site or me, please check out my “about” page.

 Happy Cooking!

Nicole Cibellis


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