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It's opening day for the Texas Rangers and around these parts (at least among our family and friends) this is the first day of a new season that's celebrated more than the first day of spring. We create new styles out of our Ranger shirts and move our appointments around to fit the home schedule so we can attend as many games as possible.  Many take off work today just to attend the first home game of the season.  It's a sign of things to come, full of hope and excitement for the season ahead!<br />Our schedule is shaping up to be pretty busy all around. With gymnastics, girl scouts, youth baseball games once or twice a week, and all of our church activities we look to be very busy this season. It's early April and I'm already wondering when we'll have a quiet night at home.  It's times like these we are excited for the fun ahead but we do have to put specific dates aside for time alone and time at home for rest.  This is certainly a good time to practice a Sabbath weekly.

We watched last Tuesday as Kylie took her first gymnastics lesson.  It was fun to see her get so excited about something new. She was bouncing around as she waited her turn, and we loved watching her try so hard at being physically good at something.  She's not exactly a little athlete, but this is something that just may put her in the category without her realizing it. We aren't overly impressed by the gym she is at currently but we had a coupon and thought we'd see if she liked it before we invested too much.  She certainly loves it and is already asking when her next lesson is.  I'm still looking at gyms, but hopefully will have one picked out by the end of the month.

We are very happy with James baseball team this year, too.  He has played two previous years and two different associations.  Both were big disasters.  We went from overly competitive to a "who cares" attitude each season. He loves the game, but didn't learn much from either team.  We looked for other parents who had input on the organizations in our area. There are a LOT of them, and many of them are not well run or lack in consistency and coaching.  This year, we have a great coach and are excited by the season ahead. He is learning something new every game and loves to be out on the field, just like his Daddy used to.  It's so much fun to watch this kid play!

There is one more detail that adds to the months ahead. While our schedule is full I've also accepted a full time position. It's something I'll write about soon, but not today. I just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone interested. It's going to be an adventurous spring!

For now, it's a weekend with kids. So for us, we are going to be walking - not running - a 5k tomorrow morning. Then we're planning time outside in the yard. We'll likely go to the park we now live across the street from and maybe even some time at the indoor pool. Sunday morning we'll spend at church and then anything we can do outside on Sunday will be a perfect end to the weekend.


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