Family Fun: Let the games begin!



It's all fun and games ...

Or it should be. We're all busy. I get that — totally. I also know that in between soccer practice and piano lessons and work deadlines, minutes are ticking away. They're wasted forever ... on worry, melancholy, boredom, television, video games and who knows what else.

Time to get everyone on board, I say!





Have family game night ... or Saturday afternoon BOARD-om.

Call it what you will. Decorate how you wish. Serve what you want. Just do it! Your kids and your spouse will thank you, eventually. Older kids may balk at the idea. Husbands may say they have something more important to do. They don't and neither do you. What's more important than nurturing your family dynamics? Nothin'.

Here's what you need to do ...





1) Serve snacks, and they will come.

Nothing fancy (unless you want to). Make a plate of cookies. Serve chips and dip. Hot cocoa is a favorite at our house. Whatever you offer, make it special. Fruit juice can easily be jazzed with an orange wedge. And who doesn't love a straw? Try these ideas:

Make s'mores in the fireplace

Cheesy fondue and various dippers

Jell-O Jigglers


Veggies & dip

Fruit smoothies

Milk shakes

Make a pizza together


2) Offer a variety of games and activities.

Older children like thinking games or games of skill.

Younger children love tactile activities, or games that appeal to their senses. Try games with spinners or dice. Lego building projects or puzzles are also exciting because they require players to search for missing pieces in order to see results. Little kids like action!

Teens love competition. Pull out Monopoly, Scrabble or games that require lots of brain power.





3) Get comfy.

Cuddle on the couch, sit around the table, or throw down some pillows and spread out on the floor. Make room, have fun and enjoy


Happy weekend.

Love 'em with all you've got!


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