The Geurilla Mother...Worse Than Tiger Mother???

So I live in the mundane suburbia of Ohio.  If you've been  to one Ohio suburb you've been to them all.  I have to say that it may be every where, but I suspect that I live in a "Guerilla Mom" hotbed.  I have affectionately called them the "Viet Mom".  They are the mothers with older children that talk down to the rest of us as though we don't have the ability to understand big words or concepts.  Those Know-It-All mothers who could use their child rearing  knowledge to be helpful to others, but instead make the fateful decision to lord their said knowledge over other.  I suspect it gives them a FEELING of superiority.  I just want to let them know that it is, in fact, merely a FEELING and not truth!  Your actions, in fact, make you inferior.  Start a hobby, ladies, your lives are obviously empty.


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