The family that jacks up each others hair: ....uh, still loves each other?

It was R2′s turn to experience the haircut from Daddy in which he took far too long, ended in tears and left Mama begging for Daddy to “please just stop” because what 15 month old needs a perfect haircut?

Of course Daddy was overcompensating trying to prove that he really can cut hair because it was only a mere two weeks ago when he jacked up Mama\’s edgy Rihanna mohawk.

Of course Mama doesn’t really need him to prove this because last year, Mama -in fact- jacked up R2′s hair in a major way.

So Mama understands that accidents happen when it comes to the wild wild world of hair.

Mama has also -in fact- jacked up HER OWN HAIR on plenty of occasions.

(Like one time I tried to put bleach blonde highlights in and left a giant patch of broken blond hair missing.  That’s right folks, a bald spot of bleach blonde set against jet black hair.  My only option was to cut all my hair off and dye the rest jet black)

Or, remember last year when I gave myself this HORRIBLE hair cut that looks like I got lost 1982?

Sure was an adventure though!

I digress.

Back to R2…

Case in point:

If you recall, Mama actually tapered off baby’s mohawk into a perfect triangle.

In short, R2′s hair was a HOT, hairy mess.

And it’s been growing back a hot, hairy mess of various lengths and weirdness.


You’ll have to trust me.

The whole family pitched in to do this…

…which -shockingly- he did not mind.

(We had a little help from Cailou playing strategically on my laptop)

And afterwards?


cute as a button!




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