Family Law: Not!

There is no reason why divorce should equate to destruction.

Divorce is defined as “an ending of a marriage by an official decision in a court of law.”

Ending is defined as “the final part or finishing point of a period of time, of an event, or of a book, movie, or other work.”

Destruction is defined as “the act or process of destroying something.”

Amicable divorces are rare and that needs to change for the sake of the children and both parents.

Warfare should not be a requirement or prerequisite of divorce.

Too many divorce attorneys play on the emotions of the bitter and angry spouses and the only thing that is accomplished is more money in the pocket of the attorneys. Why do they think that it is okay to go on attack mode and destroy the spouse who is on the opposing side in divorce court?

These attorneys contaminate the divorce process by fertilizing the hatred that has been planted when a petition for divorce is filed. Divorcing couples need to understand the divorce process and not allow themselves to get sucked into the quagmire that unethical divorce attorneys create.

Emotions and in particular revenge and hatred fuel the fire that unethical divorce attorneys use to line their pockets. It is time that judges take responsibility for what is right.  They should and ethically must demand that opposing divorce attorneys attempt to help their clients and avoid destroying their client’s financial futures by prohibiting them from adding to an already volatile situation.

Why? These horrific divorce court occurrences destroy what ever semblance was left of the family. Ultimately, these unethical attorneys destroy the possibility that the ex-spouses might ever succeed at being pleasant to each other for the sake of the children.

This is called family law? Not!

Claudia Broome | Women's Divorce Support

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