Family Trees May Contain Nuts

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I got up on a Monday. I was feeling blue or maybe yellow, I don't know. I felt like I was going to have a metamorphosis for sure, but into what I couldn't say.

Tuesday had me searching for three or more of something, anything. Grains of rice or pretty poppies. Which to choose. Rice is pretty interesting.

I was speechless wordless when Wednesday rolled around. I didn't know what to do. Should I go outdoors or show you what is on my walls? If I show what is on my walls or outside should I describe it or stay wordless?

By Thursday I am so exhausted from all the memes I think I will Treat Myself. Apparently I was just about the only doing this so treating myself may be retired. The ladies are all so busy setting the tables they don't have the time for treats.
The dishes are filling their cupboards and some are spilling into other
rooms too. Forget what fork to use. I want to know what happens to
people who spill their red wine across these beautiful tablescapes.

Then when Friday hits we finally have something to put on those lovely dishes. Foodies everywhere cook and bake and create. We all moan and groan with delight and some of us plan our grocery list to cook up the foodie offerings that look so darn good. Some of us just lick the screen.

Saturday is the day to make small talk.
Chit chat. Lists of six. Of course us overachievers always have to add
just one more. The real overachievers will write it in a pink font.

Sunday is a day of rest for bloggers. Ya right. We repost a favorite
one from the past but we end up writing a whole new post to explain why
we chose the old post and then we update the information that has
changed since we posted the old post so that we don't have to come up
with a new post on Sunday so we can have more time to ourselves to take pictures of our gardens and tables and food and collections and walls and redecorating and thrifty finds and and and...
where does Mr. Linky fit into all of this? He teases us and laughs at
us. He plays games with us. Doesn't he know what day this is? Keep your
fingers crossed that he will show up.

Oh yes. Please note the Mosaic for this Monday
at the top. Make sure you visit all the lovely hostesses for these
memes. They always put on a great event and the other bloggers never
cease to amaze me with their creativity and talents.
Have a good week.

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  2. Metamorphosis Monday
  3. Blue Monday
  4. Mellow Yellow Monday
  5. Three or More Tuesday
  6. Wordless Wednesdays
  7. What's on Your Wall Wednesday
  8. Outdoor Wednesday
  9. Treat Yourself Thurday
  10. Tablescapes Thursday
  11. Foodie Friday
  12. Small Talk Six Saturday
  13. Sunday Favorites

I know I have missed many of you but I have run out of time. I have to get some awards out yet today.

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