Famous and Not So Famous Jennifer Chandler

When I was in junior high school one of my teachers asked me when I arrived to class to name a famous Jennifer. First of all, I was a teenager who didn't want to stand out in a room full of other teenagers and second I didn't know how to find the answer. I knew of only one famous Jennifer Chandler and she was an Olympic Gold Medalist in diving; I named her and after that I was stumped. I was almost afraid to go to class for fear of being asked that question again.

Now there is the internet which has essentially made Who?, What?, Where? and How? obsolete. If I want to know anything these days I can just go online. It may not be accurate all the time but there is certainly an answer. Here in lies the problem with a common name. There are pictures out there of Jennifer Chandlers' that are certainly not me and for some of those pictures I'm thankful about that. There are people who think they are following me on Facebook, when they are not because I don't do Facebook. My only dealing with Facebook is an inactive page that was set up strictly so I could take a course.

As for the Jennifer Chandler's I have seen come up on Google searches, I am nothing like them. I don't dance, don't cook, don't dive and I'm not a lawyer at least not in a professional capacity. I haven't danced publicly unless you count when I was a kid or out on the town with my girlfriends when I was twenty something. I do as little cooking as possible because it stresses me out. I haven't dived since I was in swimming lessons and any chance of sounding like a lawyer comes usually when I'm in a great debate with my husband. (He doesn't like the lawyer side of me but then everyone has a problem with lawyers)

Opening up myself online causes me some anxiety and yet I have had to leave most of that behind in order to connect in business and to support media requests, my blog and column. When I see my name I always hope people can distinguish whether what they are following is me and not some other person whose parents had the same bright idea as mine to name their girl "Jennifer Chandler."

So, to clear any misconceptions, I think it is safe to say that most of what you get from this Jennifer Chandler is not salacious in nature. It's pretty average stuff with the occasional rant that surprises people but never in my opinion is rude. Don't look for me on Facebook, and note my tweets on Twitter are few and far between. I'm not creative enough to share collages on Polyvore or have enough to sell on Ebay. The last time I pinned anything I was a kid at a birthday party where I was blind folded and ordered to find the paper on the wall so I could pin the tail on the donkey. I turn down links more than accept them on LinkedIn and have no time for forums. Of course, if you want me to share with you a list of famous and not so famous Jennifer Chandler's, I can do that.

Have you looked up your name? Google it and see what happens.



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