Famous foods in Helsinki

Each and every country in this world has some distinguished foods or dishes which attracts people from different parts of this world to have a taste of them at least once in their lifetime. Being a food lover is a good habit because it reflects one's personality and versatility, so some people go to far flung areas to taste different types of cuisines. Helsinki which is the capital of Finland got some famous foods which keep people there hungry all the time. Here is the glimpse on some of the famous foods.

Smoked arctic char:

Smoked Arctic Char

Arctic char is basically a white-fish which resembles the texture of a salmon. It tastes good even when baked on a grill garnished with the lemon slices makes it very beautiful. The flavor is between the salmon and trouts. This fish is native to arctic waters and smoked one can be used as a salad.

Smoked salmon:

Smoked Salmon

Salmon is famous which usually come from Norway. It's been a popular choice from all the dishes. Salmon is one of the cheapest fishes you could buy but since it is being made expensive a lot at shops and hotels are charging quiet a bit for them.


The meat of reindeer is the softest one and it can be enjoyed at almost every eatery in Helsinki. Basic ingredients are meat, water, different kinds of antioxidants, additives and potato starch. Reindeer meats is a great option in Helsinki if you want to gift a dish to someone.


This dish is similar to the blood sausage or black sausage. This is also available in some other countries but in Helsinki this one is special to some of the extent. In Helsinki they are adding some kind of sweet into it which is making it quite unique.


One thing which is to be appreciated in Helsinki is that there are many kinds of seasonal food being served only in a specific season. There are many dishes which are available according to the season, one amongst them is Blini which is inspired from the neighbor Russia cuisines. It is a circular dish available only in winters to keep people warm a bit.


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