Fan Gets DRAKE Inked On Forehead: Rapper Reacts

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Holy Facial Tattoo! Have you seen the image that's got the music web all atwitter? One dedicated L.A. fan of the former Degrassi star turned hip hop headliner (snicker!) Drake decided to wear her love for the rapper on her forehead...literally.

According to the man responsible, L.A. tattoo artist Kevin Campbell, who recently spoke to VICE--

"...she was really psyched about it. She had the shitty font all picked out on her iPhone ready to go and was pretty adamant about putting it on her forehead... I thought she shaved her eyebrows for the procedure, so when I put the stencil on the first time, it was right over her (missing) eyebrows, but she had me enlarge it a bit and push it up towards the hairline. But yeah, she acted as if she had planned it out for a while; though I'm not really sure how much extended coherent thought could actually go into getting such a stupid tattoo on your forehead."

Well then. That's the guy who I'd want marking up my body for life FOR SURE. But Kevin Campbell's awesome bedside manner aside, the guy is taking a lot of heat for somebody else's [pretty bad] decision.

While Drake said he'd like to meet the tattoo's owner to ask her why and "understand what happened," he served up a verbal lashing for Campbell when he spoke to Mando Fresko about the unnamed woman's potentially life-altering show of admiration.

"The guy who tatted (tattooed) it is a f**king a**hole though, I will tell you that. I don't f**k with that guy! F**k you to that tattoo artist by the way because you're an a**hole for real. You should lose your job and never do tattoos again..."

And angry tattoo artists across the country are speaking out against Campbell on Facebook and Twitter as well -- some insisting he should lawyer up and shut up before The Girl With The Drake Tattoo comes after him with everything she's got. I've got a few tattoo's of my own, and not all of them are what one would call well thought out or advisable. But when I bargain-shopped for a tattoo that stretched the length of my abdomen and ended up with both keloids AND a tattoo that faded out entirely in spots after a few months, wasn't it my own bad decision making that led me to that predicament? And when I went to an artist on the other side of the country to have it redone, was it his fault that I didn't speak up when he took his own creative liberties and added gothic thorns to my formerly art nouveau belly ink to cover the bad work? Again...what kind of idiot doesn't speak up about a permanent tattoo not being what they want? ME, and so I paid the price. And I'll probably also pay to have the hideous thing removed when I'm done having kids. But I digress. We're talking about someone's face here. Even if she opts to have the tattoo removed, she'll be scarred with Drake's name for life. Although I guess a good thick set of bangs could go a long way.

What do you think? Is it Campbell's fault? Do tattoo artists have a moral or ethical obligation to talk customers out of what they deem to be a "stupid tattoo"? Or is it not for them to judge?



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