Fancy That...Fancy This

Welcome!  My name is Ameena and I started this blog to share the different things that I come across in my day-to-day life.  I love to talk but my husband is tired of listening to me.  I love to talk but I’m not so good at writing.  I hope that in the process of writing this blog I can improve my writing skills.  My husband just hopes that someone else will listen to me. 

A little bit about me – I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Finance.  I currently work in entertainment finance which I really enjoy.  I’ve been in the industry for years, first at Paramount Pictures and then at CBS.  After trying to juggle long hours and Maya, I decided to take the plunge and leave a good job.  Now I work for a small production company that produces for the History Channel and I am much happier!  On the side I also do consulting work which is a great way for me to learn about other industries.  

My husband, four-year-old daughter, and I live in Los Angeles, California.  LA is a great place but this city can really take its toll on you!  The Santa Ana winds, the traffic, the beautiful, skinny people everywhere…I would eventually love to move to the East Coast or maybe even London or Paris.  Maybe one day!!


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