Anyone of any size can take a trip to Brazil and return hair free.  In the past, a lot of us curvy girls (myself included) didn’t indulge because of embarrassment and potentially nasty salon ladies commenting on our coochies.  I’ve had the hedges stripped bare and i’m here to tell you forget your worries about visiting a salon and book your ticket to Brazil! 

Unless it’s their first day out of beauty school most therapists will have seen more snatches than an all girls school change room.

Due to my travelling,  I’ve been to three different therapists  and none of them batted an eyelid when me and my big booty showed up. They just handed me a towel and asked me to call out when I was on the table with my ladygarden covered and ready for deflowering.

One time the beauty therapist held up a weird looking paper g-string asking if I wanted to wear it. Nope- the towel was fine thanks! I didn’t want my junior miss to feel confined under there. Then my gal proceeded to chat and keep my curvy self as comfortable as possible during the process as she went to work on my downstairs with her strips and hot wax.

Did she care I was a curvy plus size woman? No. She was far too busy chatting away about her 22yo son who refused to move out of home! Even as she was working the tweezers on those pesky strays she happily kept up conversation while plucking the plus size punani.

This is everyday business for these broads. If you’ve seen one beaver you’ve seen ‘em all I guess.  However, if you are worried about your trip to Brazil I’d suggest a little travel insurance before you book and visit a salon and meet the staff. After all if you’re single they’ll be getting closer to your muff than any man has in a while so you may as well like them! If you get a good vibe then go for it. Here’s the short and curly of it: 

1. You will need to drop your pants and be naked from the waist down

2. Just like losing your virginity – the first time is the worst

3. Tell them how much hair you want taken (they usually do a consult before)

4. Make sure there’s enough hair to take off (at least 1cm) the wax needs something to grip to 

5.  Watch out (literally) for ingrown hairs afterward – you can get a cream to combat this but perspiration can aggravate the area 


Have a fun trip to Brazil – remember to send me a postcard (but please not from the waist down)!!

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