A Fang-Tastic Halloween Fashion Look

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So you feel like dressing up for Halloween ... but not quite “dressing up” for Halloween. In other words, you do not want to wear a costume. You aren’t Ebenezer Scrooge. You’re not Bah-Humbugging Halloween. You’re just in the mood to wear something cute and fun with a splash of Halloween celebration attached.  

I happened to shop at Kmart the other day and came across an unlikely, yet adorable pairing of garments. I thought I would share my little discovery.

These Skinny Jeans are by Sofia Vergara. The glossy maroon color of the paisley pattern is gorgeous and blends nicely with the matte black background. Very stylish. Very eye-catching. Very chic.  kmart.com

If you feel like dressing the outfit down ... perhaps feeling that Halloween Spirit coming on, this is the perfect shirt to wear with those pants. A Halloween graphic tshirt which can be found in the Juniors section of the store. kmart.com

Bite Back tshirt


At first you might not agree with me that the shirt and pants match, but trust me. The maroon and black colors of the shirt, even the pattern, blend perfectly with the pants. It’s amazing. To sort of quote a song from the movie Grease, “They go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong” ... a perfect fit.

If you feel like dressing the pants up, then a nice maroon-colored tank top or perhaps a black-colored tank top looks fabulous, too. Here is a cute one by Bongo - a Seamless Cami - Lace & Ruching. kmart.com

From $7.98 - 9.98

And to complete the look, some jewelry and a pair of black heels ... of course.