Farm Friday - Stress Relief

Anne Kimball

Life on the Funny Farm

Whenever I'm in the middle of scratching 42,000 things off my to-do list, and I remember I have to run out to the barn to feed or water or fix or clean or shut in or let out, I think to myself...

I don't have TIME for this nonsense!
That's it. I am getting rid of ALL the animals. All 54 of them. Well. 16 of them are going to be offed in a few weeks, so I guess I shouldn't count them. And my heart is racing a mile a minute and my brain is on overdrive trying to problem-solve three things at once.
But then I actually GO to the barn to do whatever it is, and things change.
The change goes like this:
stomp, stomp, stomp. *&%#@! animals!

 I don't have time to haul water buckets! I don't have time to scoop feed!


pant-pant heave

I don't....
well hello little chicky.

beatbeatbeatbeatbeatbeatbeat Aren't you the cutest little thing ever, sitting on my foot.
Scurry along now, so I can give you some nice, fresh water.
I brought you some treats.
Would you like a piece of French toast?
That's right, run along now with it.
Oooh, haha, don't let the others get it from you!

Guess I'll keep 'em around a little longer.

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