Farmers, agriculture, and technology unite!

Recently, my IDT course was discussing industries that utilize social media. I chose the agriculture industry. From a conversation where farmers use Twitter to check weather and soil reports to blogging to clear misconceptions about E.coli outbreaks, I realized how invaluable this information could be. Here is my idea: Farmer's Markets and Farmers advertise on Twitter or blogs where they are selling their produce, what is in season and ready for purchase. This could benefit localization. Many complain about the state of food-produce and meat in our country. Why not use social media to support and stay connected with agriculture. It is a great way to market and support this industry. I'm all for Farmers connecting with each other, the business of farming, and their consumers. Think of the possibilities. I would also love to get updates as to what local grocery stores are selling from local producers. What a break through! I hope this is already happening and I'm behind the times because that would mean progress.


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