Farrah, Michael and Special Memories

Originally, I was going to blog about the rotten weather in NJ and why wearing one of my summer wraps is good even when it's nasty out.  But the death of two celebrities who were a large part of my growing years kind of blew that out of the water for the moment.

Everyone wanted to be Farrah.  Even if we had hair like Kate Jackson.  We all tried to dress like her, twinkle when we talked like she did, style and flip our hair the way she did.  In fact, there was probably a huge upswing in chiropractic visits from all the hair tossing going on.  (I wonder if those stats are buried somewhere?)  As we grew older, she never really seemed to.  Yes, she had wrinkles around her eyes, but they always seemed younger than ours somehow.  Certainly she had her share of difficult situations in her personal life, but somehow she would smile and they wouldn't seem as gritty as they are in our lives.  Her dramatic portrayals blew us away, and made us realize that domestic violence isn't about whether or not you are pretty - it's about control and degradation and it's the perpetrator's problem.  She somehow made it OK to finally say the words out loud, and a lot of women were able to set themselves free thanks to her.  In a world where Farrah was out and about, we always took for granted that there would be sunshine and smiles and a sweet voice out there.  Now, we need to see those things without her.  But I wonder if we would have felt them quite so keenly if she hadn't shown them to us in the first place.

Dancing to Michael Jackson's music made partying until last call seem like a snap.  You couldn't sit still when they played one of his songs.  Everyone somehow was a part of whatever song was playing - moving to the beat, taking on the persona the song evoked, losing ourselves in the song and the flashing lights and the movement all around.  Even being decadent somehow had a touch of innocence when a Michael song was playing.  As we all grew older, so much was said about his habits (whether true or false), his lifestyle (whether true or false) and every detail of his existence.  It seems that as the media pushed the image of that talented 9 year old out of our minds, Michael tried to live down to their expectations by erasing it from his image.  There was a time when few people stopped to wonder whether or not there was a sad, lonely boy with an immense gift and an insecure desire to please underneath the masks and flashy jackets and 10 second sound bites.  I doubt if very many people really ever got to know the 'real' Michael Jackson - because it seemed that he had been taught that safety came with hiding that boy.  His legacy will continue to inspire artists in the future, we will still tap our feet to his songs, bridal parties will still rehearse his dance from "Thriller" for their big day.  And I hope he is at peace at last.

I made updates to the www.homebadger.com website yesterday, adding photos of new Summer styles.  More will be forthcoming in the days ahead.  Today's new additions include WrapScarves (in the Scarves section) and a seersucker pleated selection under Office Wear. 

Take a minute today and remember the good times both Farrah and Michael are a part of in our memories.  I know I'll be smiling, tossing my hair and tapping my feet.


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