Dairy Poop and Locally Laid? The Fascinating Small Companies That Competed For a Super Bowl Ad

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Barley Labs

JULIE: Heart. Melts.

DEB: I was sort of excited about Barley Labs, figuring it would be a shiny, high-tech brewery that produces a killer IPA, or maybe a Beermaker's School where you go to learn all those malting and starch-to-sugar-enzyme-conversion things that indie brewers know. Either that, or a GMO front. But with the real Barley Labs, you need to settle for getting drunk on puppies. All right, I'm down with it. That trade is good for your health.

JULIE: Has Barley tweeted the Budweiser puppy yet?

DEB: Now I'm sad Barley didn't win the ad. More puppies!

RITA: I'm sorry. I have a nine-year-old girl. I can't stand behind the word "fur-ever." But the dogs are cute.



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