Dairy Poop and Locally Laid? The Fascinating Small Companies That Competed For a Super Bowl Ad

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Dairy Poop

DEB: There is no need for Dairy Poop. We live in the times of lactose-free yogurt and almond milk pudding. The future is now!

JULIE: I asked my husband to guess all the companies based on the names. He thought Locally Laid was a dating site, Barley Labs was a microbrewery, and Dairy Poop was milk chocolate. Ew.

DENISE: You can cowculate your poop. I kind of love these people.

DEB: Wait, what? Dairy Poop is actually poop? They sell poop? In a bag? For money? Well you know what, good for them. Lots of start-ups are full of crap, and at least they admit it.

DENISE: They also have Poop Swag! I am also buying this T-shirt.

RITA: Dairy Poop! Now Stacy has something to get her garden started.

JULIE: Check out the contest website for the semifinalists: Three Jerks Jerky! Goody Two Sleeves! Cops and Doughnuts! Is this the future of American business? Seriously, I do love that all of these companies are sustainable and stuff. I still don't know about the T-shirts, though.


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