Fashion And Make Up Can Change Your Life. Even if You're Not a Super Model.

I don't care much about makeup or fashion. I'm comfortable with my style. Why should I care about just so others can judge me?
Getting in touch with your inner diva through makeup and clothing can provide a surprising confidence boost as I recently found out. Read on to find out how!

“They want you to be a model?”

Those were the words that echoed through my mind as I read the invitation from Elisa Camahort Page and Kathryn Finney to be in the BlogHer '12 Fashion Show. The words weren’t my own. Do you remember the episode of Sex and The City when Carrie ripped the runway (and became fashion roadkill) as a “non-model”? It’s one of my favorites, and sadly, I played the episode over and over again to avoid any unfortunate situations.

As a blogger who has been to many a New York Fashion Week show, I had my assumptions made. We’d be getting our makeup done while hands and feet were getting primed, and hair being tugged and curled. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We would only be fed a capful of water and would ignore each other. That couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Over the last few weeks, I have been obsessing about my body. I’d get out of the shower and think, “wait, can I grab my own back?” and “umm, is that another dimple in my thighs?” I’m no longer the perky 21 year old with the outstanding curves and killer flat stomach. I’m the girl that adjusts her jeans while sitting down to avoid my obvious muffin top. How the heck was I supposed to confidently walk the runway feeling like this?!

But when I looked in the mirror that night, hair and makeup done, lovely gown flowing on my body, I had never felt more beautiful. Most of us went through huge transformations that night. You look in the mirror and can’t believe the figure staring back at you. I’ve saved every image of myself that I found so I can relive that moment.

Photo Credit: Danielle Tsi & Manhattan Group Photographers

As showtime approached, the butterflies in my stomach were annoying me to no end. A woman came over to interview me while getting my makeup done, and I felt like I gave her the worst answers. I could barely think! We lined up and saw the crowd of people, and by then, I couldn’t even concentrate.

Kathryn made her speech, and she made it look like so much fun to be up there. She set the tone, and set it well. As Laura (the first model) walked out, and the crowd was cheering and screaming; all I could do is fight the tears. It was such an uplifting moment to hear other women cheering us on, rooting for us, even though they didn’t know the personal “battles” we might have been facing. It tears me up to even write it. If any of us were fashion roadkill like Carrie Bradshaw had been so many years before, the crowd would have cheered for us even harder.

I’ve said this on several other occasions, but I can’t even express how happy I am to be a part of the BlogHer family. I never felt judged and didn’t feel like the “uncool kid” in the group. I was amongst real women with real lives and real values. I couldn’t have been more proud to rip the runway with such awesome chicks.

How do makeup, dressing up and strutting your stuff help you feel fabulous, confident and ready to rock the world? Have you had moments that reminded you why you love your look?

Erin Bailey is Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Scandalous Beauty: "The Urban Beauty Blog"


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