Fashion and Photography: Interview with Greg Desiatov

the photographer

Today I am introducing you to the very talented Melbourne based photographer Greg Desiatov - who produces some of the most impressive and stunning photos that will leave you breathless.


I was so fortunate to collaborate with Greg for the 'whisk me up' campaign and launch of the nectar and stone online store. Meeting someone that shares the same level of creativity and passion left me riddled with so many questions. I needed to find out more... 

Photographer: Greg Desiatov

Elevation: Sally Arnott


the interview


I wanted to explore Greg's love and experience behind the lens, and he has so graciously taken time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions that I had about photography and how his love and passion came to fruition. 

  How long have you been doing photography for?

I've always had an interest in photography and over the years bought many books about photographers but actually never picked up the camera till 2008 after retiring from a 23 year career as a professional club DJ. I only became a self-taught professional photographer at the start of January 2012.

Photographer: Greg Desiatov

The Dressmaker: Tori Woods


 What took you down the path of photography and what did you first start taking pictures of?


I'm a person that has a very expressive and creative drive and I had been using Photoshop since it came out in the mid 90’s. I was using Photoshop to create promotional pamphlets for the nightclubs I was working at so it seemed a natural progression to finally end up as a photographer.


As soon as I picked up the camera, I was shooting models but it was in the alternative scene. I was always interested in fashion which I saw a lot of back in my DJ days. I have tried to do other types of photography such as landscapes but I wasn't very good at it. It's ironic really, as I discovered that perhaps what was missing was a beautiful model in front of the landscape - it transforms the image entirely. 


Photographer: Greg Desiatov

Horse: Claryssa



What sorts of photography photo shoots do you love the most and why?


My preference is couture fashion shoots as I get to express my creativity in a medium that loves to push boundaries. One of my passions in photography is to add a twist to a concept and make it as original as possible in an industry flooded with talented artists.

 To be noticed I tend to avoid trends. For example there currently seems to be a flood of images shot in a desert scene at the moment which I wanted to do a number of years ago but now have no real interest in doing as it’s become all too common. My involvement usually starts from the original concept right through to the final post production. 


Photographer: Greg Desiatov

Tribal: Madie Harnwell


I’m a hands on photographer and not a fan of handing out my images to re-touchers or post-productionists. I feel if I do that, it no longer becomes my image. If I’m going to get credit for the photography I better do the work and earn that credit.


Photographer: Greg Desiatov

Bridal Couture: Angela Marcuccio



 What is your most proud submission so far?


I’m quite proud of all my submissions but especially my very first one which was published by the Saturday Herald-Sun on page 3. It was a 3/4 page image that I had shot for Fox-FM. I had only been shooting for just over 12 months when this happened so I was quite over the moon with the publication. Unfortunately, I was not credited for the image but hey, I have bragging rights!!

If you want to see more of Greg's Portfolio - click here...

It was so much fun doing the 'whisk me up' photo shoot with Greg - he did an amazing job -

Photographer: Greg Destiatov

Whisk Me Up: nectar and stone




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