Fashion Challenged? Get to Know Your Personal Style

I confess, sometimes I’ve watched fashion make-overs on TV or seen them in magazines and I’ve secretly wished I could be one of those people.

The problem is, I worry that would mean giving up my comfy yoga pants and t-shirts. I usually console my disheveled self by saying looks shouldn’t matter anyway. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? I mean, what was it that our moms always told us? “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

Then I try to remember the last time I didn’t judge a book by its cover. The thing is, looks do matter. Dr. Gordon Patzer, Dean of the College of Business Administration at Roosevelt University has spent over 30 years studying attractiveness. He says in an article on MSNBC that, “we are just hard wired to respond more favorably to attractive people. This is something anthropologically that has existed for as long as history exists.”

What are we to do? Do we have to sacrifice comfort for beauty? I think I’ve found the answer to this question and her name is Ginger Burr. Ginger is an image consultant whose credo is simple: that a dynamic personal and professional image could be created without having to relinquish personal style or comfort. She sounds like my kind of person!

I talked with Ginger recently about fashion, personal style, and names (names are my thing...and how could I resist asking red-headed Ginger a question or two about her name!). Ginger’s has her her own company, Total Image Consultants and she’s been acknowledged in The Boston Globe, Women’s Health Magazine, Worth Magazine, VegNews Magazine, Elegant Wedding Magazine,,, Fox TV News and WHDH Television’s Chronicle.

If you’re curious about fashion, what it means to find your own authentic personal style, or how someone with gorgeous red hair was named Ginger, check out my interview with Ginger Burr on Namely Marly. Don’t worry if you’re lounging around in your yoga pants and baggy t-shirt. I won’t tell anyone!

Marly McMillen


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