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Leopard Sarina

“Leopard”: this film is set in the Sicily, Italy in 1860. Through the description of the inner experiences of its central figure Prince Sarina, it reflects helpless inevitable declining fate of the original dignitaries and nobles at a time when there is the surging of a new era with the mighty tide of enormous social change.
The Alliance of Fashion Designers and Films
The fashion designers are not content with the simple inspiration from the movie works, but also would like to personally participate in the creation of this art form. "King of Fashion" Paul Poiret designs a full set of costumes for the film "LaReine Elisabeth" in 1912 - exaggerated Musharraf collar, bows everywhere, large tracts of handcraft embroidery and pearl necklace of ten laps around the neck, serving as a continuation of the designer’s I-always magnificent flamboyant style . Christian Dior has always been in love with movies, keeping good relationship with the Hollywood actresses. Mr. Dior has designed a feather-like fur cape and a silk dress that shines on the screen for Marlene Dietrich in "Decipher Cry " (This is a hard plus for Marlene Dietrich to require that she herself must wear a full set of Mr. Dior’s Design to the contract), so that her air and the limelight directly overshadow the film's heroine. But Dior refuses to provide clothing for the French actress Bridget Bardot while shooting film. "Christian Dior will never adventure his own clothes to be vulgarly shown on the big screen, because that would offend his most noble guests." The writer of Dior’s biography Marie France Pochna wrote in the book.

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