Fashion Project Provides Shelter & Jobs for the Homeless

The fashion industry has been known to showcase designers' works on runways worn by models, but in the case of one designer, her work is not just a fashion statement, it's saving lives.

For Veronika Scott, she never imagined that sitting in a product design class would change her world and worldview. When Scott was asked to "design something that's actually needed", she focused on a product that would benefit the homeless. It is unfortunate that homelessness is palpable in a city like Detroit, but what became Scott's motivator was seeing a playground used to build a makeshift home by homeless people, which propelled her to design a sleeping bag which converts to a coat.

As innovative as it was, and as welcoming as the coats/sleeping bags may have been to the homeless shelter she donated them to, she got a rude awakening when one woman who was a guest in the shelter ran up to her and protested that they needed jobs, not coats. For Veronika, this revelation became the impetus to create her non-profit organization, The Empowerment Plan.

The Empowerment Plan's goal was initially meant to create a product, but instead, it has created jobs for the homeless women that benefit from the the sleeping bags. Scott's organization has provided opportunities and hope for the countless people who may not have thought they had any.

Homelessness can be experienced by anyone depending on one's circumstance, but providing jobs to homeless women like Scott has done gives not just one person but whole communities hope for a better future. That's my view on this, what's yours?

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