Is Fashion Superficial?

Now that I'm taking more definite steps into fashion blogging, I've been receiving feedback about how superficial it all is. Is this an opinion you share?

It made me think twice about what I was doing. After all, where I come from, the money I spend on a new pair of shoes can feed a family of four for an entire week.

Do you think fashion is superficial?

I didn't know how to respond. Fashion is something I love! I look forward to organizing my closet, thinking of outfits to wear on a day-to-day basis.

I enjoy dressing according to my mood. I like the idea of choosing an outfit based on what feels "me".

But when an aunt told me that blogging about fashion (and focusing on anything "material") was a superficial hobby, I balked. I started to doubt the one thing I loved to do.

I gave it a lot of thought. And maybe my aunt was right - at least, to some degree.

But I still believe there is so much more to fashion than superficiality.

Fashion is expression

Although focusing on fashion does seem superficial at first glance, it isn't. Although it does focus on material possessions, there is more to fashion blogging than being superficial.

As a new graduate, I take pains to save up for anything I want to buy, whether it's food or clothing. And while others choose music, speech, or poetry as their main avenue of expression, I choose clothes.

Expression is not superficial. I'm relatively shy and it is through my choice of clothes, shoes, and bags that I show everyone who I am. It is my way of sharing my thoughts and feelings without resorting to words.

It's not about how expensive a pair of shoes is, nor about the brands I wear. It's about why I chose this top and that bag. It's about why they matter to me in the same way this song matters to that person.

We do live in a material world - let's not deny that

I don't know why fashion in particular is taking a beating. We all talk about material stuff, whether it's about what brand of baby diapers to buy for babies or what paint to use for home renovation.

We talk about money. We love chatting about how to save for a rainy day and how to spend wisely. We even look up to billionaires, revering them because they do a good job at something supposedly "material".

But when it comes to fashion, many think it's nonsense.

If fashion is superficial, then shouldn't every other topic about material possession be equally so? If we look down on people who keep buying clothes, shouldn't we look down on people who keep hoarding money?

We have double standards, whether we admit it or not. I always tell my friends that if an alien species studied our culture, they would be very much confused by our social norms!

We should all be able to discuss buying a beautiful sala set - or purchasing a new bag - without feeling like we should apologize. At the end of the day, we really aren't in any position to judge anyone.

We have to live and let live. And yes, we have to let go of other people's superficialities and intricacies, in the same way that they choose to accept our own.

Has anyone told you you were superficial? How would you respond if someone did? And yes, do you think fashion is superficial? I would love to hear it from your perspective.