Fashion vs Dress Code

Everyone is entitled to make a Fashion Statement! However, clothing must meet certain guidelines for School and Work. Retailers need to take this in consideration when purchasing merchandise for their stores.

Erika in Fancy Tank with rope for straps

Earlier this year, I tried to purchase Summer Clothing for my children. The shorts were so short that there was no way it would fully cover all the body parts it needed too! Tank tops with strings instead of straps or so short it barely covered the breast bones. I understand that this is the Style of the Season, but not every person in junior sizes wants to be Miley Cyrus!  None of the clothing could be worn to school. Of course my children wanted to try.  I agreed to purchase a few items for them.

I had the same problem when purchasing school clothes for my daughters this fall. The shirts (except some T-shirts) were reveling, sheer, or were made in a way to show parts of the bra. The layered look is always fashionable in the fall, but August through October is still Hot. No one wants to wear two and three shirts to get full coverage during this time.  Also, purchase extra tanks and tops to go under the shirts runs into extra money.  It's not only the Junior section with this problem. I can hardly find a shirt for myself that doesn't show the top of my cleavage. Sure, that's nice on date night, but I prefer to be covered when entering a long meeting where there is already tension because I'm the only woman!

My children didn’t understand why I was being so particular in selecting their wardrobe. Everyone else just purchases what is on the rack and doesn’t think twice. I do! The first few weeks of school, teachers and staff let some dress code violations slide. Soon the students are sent home for their clothes and the parents have to purchase more clothing. I would have to take time off from work, loosing pay, to bring my child more clothing to school. Also I would have to purchase more clothing to replace the clothes or to layer the original clothing to meet the school dress code, costing me time and money. Stores need to display a variety of clothing styles that dress codes can be adhered by and consumers can stay in within their budgets with a selection.

Do You Have Trouble Finding Clothes That Meet The Dress Code?


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