Fast and Furious Interview Tips!

As the economy continues to improve more companies will enter back into the hiring arena. When the market really gets humming companies will start to hire at a fast and furious level. I’d like to offer some thoughts and guidelines on preparing your organization (or perhaps yourself) for the interview and hiring process. At McIntyre we say “Everything starts with the interview.” In a company I believe the hiring process starts with knowing exactly what you want. Here are some points to consider:

  • Job description and Average Day in the Life of…..
  • Top 3 priorities in this position
  • Preferred skill set
  • Will not hire without skill set – can’t live without it
  • Define personality type, assess culture match and fit
  • How critical is this position and what is the timeline for a hire
  • Consequences if this position doesn’t get filled
  • Consider why position is open – if there was a conflict in the position or a difficult colleague/manager has it been fully resolved
  • Ideal salary – What is your highest possible salary (absolute pain threshold)

All of these key factors must be decided on the interviewee side as well. What is the lowest salary you will tolerate? What are your absolute “must haves?” Have all of these questions resolved and commit to them prior to starting your interview process.

It is now critical to ensure that you have a seamless interview process. When the market opens up candidates that have become disenchanted in their current role will start to interview. However, string them along too long and they will remain in their current position. People don’t like to search for a job – its right up there with divorce, relocation out of state, and all those other painful issues so you must ensure a quick, organized, and efficient interview process.

Know ahead of time how many Managers really need to be a part of the interview process and what are their schedules for the next month. Remember “Time kills deals” – more is not merrier in this case – it bogs down the process. Make sure they are prepared for the candidate interview ahead of time and have all of the documentation available. Make sure your reception area is ready to receive interviews and that the candidate is expected. Nothing starts the process off on the wrong foot more than confusion at the reception area. Remember from a candidate’s perspective if your front desk seems disorganized they might make the same assumption about your entire organization.

At McIntyre we send our on-line application and all relevant necessary paperwork to our candidates prior to their interview. This way when they arrive; they can immediately meet with a Staffing Manager and aren’t spending excessive time on paperwork. Remember – Hiring cuts both ways. Candidates must be prepared and have done their research but so must clients. In order to attract top notch talent clients must still court and impress candidates even in a recessed market. I hope this makes your next hire or job interview a little easier.

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