Fast Food Survival Guide

Let’s say you packed a healthy lunch, but left if at home. Or your boss tells you to take a customer to lunch, and they want to go to an establishment that is notorious for its unhealthy food choices. Sometimes we find ourselves staring at a fast food menu and just don’t know how to make the best choices. Here’s my fast food survival guide:

Order the smallest amount of food that will get you through to your next meal. This is not the time to order a meal with all the bells and whistles. Don’t touch anything deep fried, with cheese, extra meat or sugar and fat filled condiments. You simply don’t need the extra unhealthy fats. Try adding vinegar or mustard to add flavor. I also try to keep a nutritionally dense snack such as a Larabar in my purse. That way if I order a small portion, I can have the bar later if I need it to satisfy my hunger.

Pile on the fresh vegetables. If you select a sandwich, order whole grain bread and add on whatever vegetables available such as lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. This will add fiber to your meal and help you feel less hungry on a smaller portion.

Look carefully at the salads. Many places are adding salads with darker greens, fruits, nuts and leaner protein sources. Avoid anything with fried meats, croutons, fatty dressings or other unhealthy ingredients.

Choose water as your beverage. Skip any drink that has no nutritional value, but only adds calories and high sugar content.

This goes without saying, but don’t even let yourself look at the dessert menu. Don't make the mistake of adding it at the beginning of your meal either. You are already trying to navigate through a landmine of bad choices with your meal, you don’t need the empty calories or sugar at the end. Some places have fresh fruit. If you think you need it, go for the fruit options.




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