Fast Forward

So up until now, I've been telling you all about the beginnings of my family's journey into a more simplified lifestyle, starting with food. If this is your first time visiting this blog, I encourage you to go back and read what led us here.

1. The Simple Life
2. The Food Awakening
3. Let's Grow Something
4. Going Veggie

When you hear me talk about "simplifying", what I really mean is: to strip down to the fundamentals...reduce to the essentials. To simplify in the area of food, for us, meant to move toward a plant-based, whole foods diet. It meant to make more informed choices about what we put in our bodies. To read labels on anything and everything we purchased and actually be able to understand each of the ingredients listed. To know where the food we purchased came from.

FAST FORWARD. It's been just about two years now since we made changes in the way we eat. I bet you're wondering how's it going, huh?

How are we doing?

Well, let me start with this. Our original goal was to completely eliminate meat from our diet. Confession. We're not quite there yet. I know, I know. We've had two years to get this part down, but sometimes it's just hard pass on it. Whether it's going out of town to visit family, having dinner with friends or going out to eat...sometimes we just choose to make exceptions. We understand that not everyone makes the same food choices that we do, so if someone wants to cook us a meal and it happens to have meat it in, we'll eat it. But as far as what we bring into our home, we stick with plants and whole foods.

How do we feel?

I can honestly say that physically, I have never felt better in my life. I think the biggest thing for me has been the increased energy. I'm a new mom with an energetic little boy and I should be tired right? Instead, I feel like I've turned into the energizer bunny! I used to hit slumps throughout my day where I just wanted to lay down wherever I was. No longer. And I know I can credit a majority of this to my diet. My husband feels the same way. He's especially felt a benefit in his bowels. Yes, don't freak out. I'm talking about bowels. For those of you who have suffered the awful pains after eating something spicy, greasy, know what I'm talking about. Even the heavy, sluggish feeling that we used to get after eating has all but gone away.

So what "really" do we eat? 

That's the fun part to me. The possibilities are endless...and they don't have to be boring! We eat some good food around my house, if I do say so myself. Ha. Here are a few meals that we've eaten recently.

Black Bean Quesadilla burger
with Hand-cut Baked Smoky Paprika Fries


Veggie Gyro "Food Truck style"
with Organic Corn Chips




Spicy Tomato and Spinach Egg-noodle Pasta

So where do we go from here?

The goal moving forward is to continue to pursue and refine our eating lifestyle as a means to promote the very best health for our bodies. We still have so much to learn but have great motivation to succeed.

What you can look forward to :

  • Delicious, Healthy Recipes
  • Tips on Going Veggie
  • Simplifying your Pantry
  • Knowing Your Food 

Our desire is to share what we are learning on this journey with you all in hopes that you will join in on a satisfying and healthful lifestyle. Get excited! There's is much more to come.


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