Fast Friends

The kids were excited to get back to school after the holidays to see their pals.  That was such an upside to going to school...easy access to friends.

I find that making good friends as we get older and busier can be a bit tricky.  There are many other factors that come into play.  Since moving here, we have met so many great people and many we now call friends.  Building those friendships can get trickier because we are so busy and our priority at this stage in our lives is our young family.  Right now, it is hard to put the time in, to make memories with these new friends (when you have lots of busy kids you meet a lot of people...we like so many of them but time is limited). I know that someday our kids won't want our time as much as they do now and Kev and I will look to fill our time differently and probably spend more time with friends but for now it can be a bit of a challenge. (I hope I said that clearly...not assuming everyone wants to be our friend but hopefully you understand what I am trying to say :). 

That is why when you meet some great people who make it so easy to be friends at this stage, it is such a delight!  Over the holidays, our friends Colin and Iva came up from California and we had a great visit.  We haven't known these guys all that long or been able to spend loads of time with them but it feels as though we have.  Here Iva and I are holding our babies (Oliver, 3, was not in the mood for a photo...been there!).

 Roxanna and Bridget were very busy with Evie the whole visit.  I love that the girls can pick up so easily even though it had been a while since we last saw these guys.  

I am cooking up some holiday plans to head down to see them in Cali soon enough.  Crossing my fingers that I can make it happen!


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