Fat Cat After the Holiday Trip

I left on our trip wearing my Carhart jeans with the side pocket - perfect for my phone.  I returned in those pants.  Kinda.  At our overnight stop, I pulled my running sweats out of my carry on bag and traded my too tight jeans for my roomy flexible pants made for running out in the elements, but now relegated to airplane flights and overflowing stomachs.

I thought about weighing myself this morning and figured I could pretty much skip it.  I knew the news wouldn't be good.

Before arriving home I looked forward to waking up early and gettting to the gym and just getting back in the swing of things.

Before returning home, I picked up some dandelion tea and planned to do a water detox thing upon arriving home.  I knew it would help me feel better.  I had PLANS!.  I was going to cook well (maybe even out of a vegan cookbook I picked up).  I was going to eat moderately and I was going to run, run, run and do wonderful glorious situps.

And now I'm home and two cups of coffee into the day and I haven't exercised and our frozen pipes are proving to be quite frozen and that tea doesn't look appealing at all.  And I just want to eat something.

But I'm not.


Dang process of being healthy and moderate.



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