Father's day ... & plagiarizing

Today I received an email from an aquaintance for father's day signed by some woman I've never heard of (as if she actually wrote it).  My problem with this is that I wrote it to my father 6 or 7 years ago and forwared to the males in my list several times since then.  While I don't have a problem with it being forwarded, I do have a problem with someone else plagerizing my work, copy written or not, good or bad, as if they actually wrote it.  Anywho, being that Sunday is Father's Day, this is part of what I wrote to my dad and altered to pass on to the rest of you: 

In honor of father’s day I just wanted to share this little tidbit with some of you dads and surrogate dads.

In biblical times the father was the most important parent to a child.  Once the child no longer nursed, until the child passed the age of 5-7 years old, they (even the girls) went to work with dad. 

On the rare occasion that a divorce was granted the child remained with the father.  If a woman was widowed it was important that her new husband adopt her children as his own, yet a widower’s new wife was not expected to adopt her new step-children. 

It has been proven that the absence of a father in the life of a child leaves them vulnerable to failure in school (dropping out), involvement in gangs, drug abuse, premarital sex, early sex, pregnancy, theft, drug trafficking and a huge array of criminal activity; all which leads to a life of poverty and a possible repeat cycle for their children. 

Children exposed to their fathers, especially fathers that encouraged them to do positive things with their lives grew up to be successful and productive adults.  In the absence of a father, those children exposed to their grandfathers or surrogate fathers (uncles, cousins, friends of the family etc) who took an interest in them and their lives experienced the same rate of success and productivity as adults.  Many times, with the involvement of surrogate fathers, children that seemed to be headed in the wrong direction, turned their lives around and became successful and productive adults.

Given the choice of which parent to believe, a child will remember what their father told them more readily than they will remember what their mother told them (meaning that what the father said was important).  If mom says the sky is blue and dad says the sky is sky-blue, a child will remember the sky is sky-blue.  This is true even if dad tells them today and tomorrow, five minutes before you ask them, mom tells them the sky is blue.

Research has proven that when children are questioned about what they learned from their parents, many smile when they think of what their mother told them, but when they think of what their father told them, they not only smile, but they develop a thoughtful expression that seems to transport them elsewhere.  This thoughtful expression was consistent whether or not the memory was good or bad.  God created dads to be important and special creatures in and of themselves. 

So despite the sucky father’s day gifts, despite the fact that it APPEARS that no one is listening to you, remember you are the key to success and productivity.  You are the reason that the children in your life are doing as well as they are (or at the very least, not as bad as they could be). 

So this Sunday, sit down, have a beer, watch a game, go fishing or whatever it is that you enjoy and remember, no matter how sucky the gift is or even if they forgot to get you a stinking card, without you in their life everything would be so much worse for them.  Your presence changed their lives for the better.

Happy Father’s Day

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