The Fatted Calf (June 14th)

On Saturday morning, we headed into downtown Rockwall for brunch. Nick and I are pretty picky when it comes to brunch places. Although we aren't knocking diner food (Nick loves it), we like more variety than just pancakes, eggs and bacon. There weren't a ton of non-diner brunch places in Rockwall but we did find one place that had a good-looking menu - The Fatted Calf.


We got to the restaurant pretty early (around 8:30ish) so we didn't have to wait for a table. When we left an hour later, there was a line of people waiting to get seated. The decor inside was really neat - random pieces of art, beautiful wood tables, ranch chic decor but the lighting was terrible. The pendant lamps that hung over the tables were way too bright and cast a glare off of their stark white plates.


Pecan Sticky Bun


Lobster Bisque

Sweet corn relish, creme fraiche and chive oil


Biscuit Sliders

Biscuits, fried egg, bacon, cheddar, hash browns and salsa rojo


Ms. Smiths Egg Sandwich

Prosciutto, eggs, asparagus, goat cheese on an English muffin

While I was getting the description of this dish from their website, I noticed a couple of typos. They spelled asparagus - asaragus and prosciutto - proscuitto. Ugh - seriously! Do they not have someone edit or double-check their documents? Something like a menu should be double-triple-quadruple checked. 



My review - The Sticky Bun was pretty good. Not too sweet but sweet enough that it still qualified as a breakfast pastry. The best part about it was where the sugar had caramelized on the outside and was slightly crunchy. It drive me a little bit crazy that it left my fork super super sticky - I had to wipe it off before I could use it to eat anything else. Different foods should not mix, especially not sweet and savory. Yep, I'm totally normal. I tried a spoonful of Nick's bisque and it was so good! I could've eaten a gallon of it (drank a gallon??). Very velvety and not greasy at all. My biscuit sliders were really good. When I went to cut into them, the runny yolk squirted halfway across the table. Is it strange I got super excited about that? I puffy pink heart runny yolks. All of the ingredients went really well together but it could've used more heat in the salsa. I would definitely order this again if we ever went back (which we probably won't - you'll understand after reading Nick's review).

Nick's review - Sticky Bun - This thing was what you want to eat for breakfast. What I liked most about it was that it didn't blow your head off with sugar. My wife will tell you that I tend toward savory with stuff like this so it made me happy. Not overpowering with the cinnamon and the pecans on top were perfect. Lobster Bisque - Highlight of the meal for me. Tori thinks I'm really weird because I like fish for breakfast but I don't care. Something about the taste of the ocean in the morning gets me ready to rock. This bisque had great flavor and texture. Creamy and heavy on lobster flavor but the best thing was the addition of sweet corn and finely diced red onion. These two made the whole dish and elevated it. The crunch from both, with added sweetness, and just a little bite put it over the top. Ms. Smiths Egg Sandwich - Ok, this I took issue with from the minute they sat it on the table in front of me. First off I had no clue it was going to be in omelette form. I expected layers of prosciutto, asparagus, goat cheese, and eggs. Not everything folded together. This I could look past because it's on me to ask before I ordered which I didn't.  Secondly the asparagus was all stalks... seriously fibrous hard to chew stalks.  The "prosciutto" was ham. No way around it, straight up ham which pissed me off. If I want ham then I'll order ham. I wanted, and expected, prosciutto. Salty cured goodness, and I got grey cooked ham. This is a blasphemous thing to do when you are dealing with a serious meat-eater.  At this point I was completely over the whole thing, but the goat cheese and English muffin were still good, and I ate the damn thing because I paid for it, but definitely ruined the meal for me, but I could also be completely full of crap and everyone else love the sandwich!!

The Fatted Calf can be found at 112 E. Rusk St. Rockwall, TX and on FB.


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