Fatty meets an old friend.

Dearest Fatty,

There's someone else in this little manage et trois we havent talked about yet isn't there. I know your embarrassed and its a relationship filled with loathing and and fear.

You feel love and hate depending on how your being treated but its not anyone else's fault is it?


I know you have avoided the Scales since before Xmas, not that anything bad happend, just that you didn't stand on them for a dew weeks and then it was Xmas and then you knew you'd put weight on and so you became afraid to stand on them. How much time you waste worrying about the opinion of a plastic square with a computer chip in it. The thing is the scales are not going to make sympathetic noises and assure you that you are not fat and don't need to lose weight, they are cold and harsh and speak plainly.

Don't you miss the ritual of waking in the morning and going to see the scales?? Remember how you would not eat or drink anything and make sure you had been to the toilet first and then taken off all your clothes so you would be as light as you possibly could be?? Remember the elation of being 1lb (or even 2lb!) lighter than the day before! Ah, but the crashing defeat of being 1 or 2 lb heavier. Remember taking three go's so you could use the lightest weight?

Should you stand on the scales again??

There is a school of thought that says you shouldn't and should gage weight loss on how your clothes feel. On the other hand its nice to have some evidence of weight lose. I can't decide for your Fatty. You may be frightened of the outcome but don't you think it will help to see where you are? Or are you afraid that the weight will seem so high as to be impossible?

Dust him off, change the batteries.

I am here.

I Love you.

Is it your flab or your brain you need to fight? Answers on a postcard please.

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