Fatty Ponders feminisim.




Dearest Fatty,

Its a conundrum isn’t it. Trying to find the line between loosing weight and feeling happy in your skin. A feeling that you aren’t allowed to be a card carrying feminist and still want to slimmer, as though the desire is frivolous and to admit you want to look better is a sin along the lines of wearing a corset under your 1950’s prom style dress while your red lips grimace through the pain.

I know there is a huge part of you that wishes you could feel good in the skin you have, and maybe you would if it felt like your skin.

Yesterdays paper run a short feature on a seventeen year old with Gender displacement. He talked with such passion about how he had always known he was a boy and had always felt like he was a boy playing dress up and pretending to be a girl. How sometimes it was ok and sometimes it was hell and how amazing every morning felt now that he had come out to his Mother and started down the road of Gender re-assignment.

That’s how you feel isn’t it fatty.

You feel trapped by your body, forced to live someone else’s life, playing the part of the fat girl when all you want to do is be who you are.

I know the thing that really hurts is that you don’t want to be skinny. You have no wish to join the ranks of the super skinny 00’s, you have no wish to live your life on cigarettes and lettuce, you just want to have your body back.

Are these letters getting through Fatty??

Will you start to make the right choices?

I can’t make you slim, no-one can.

All you have to do is make a choice.

I Love you.


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