FBI Rocks Organization Is Changing The Way We Look At Inventors!

There are thousands upon thousands of pro-female organizations in the United States and around the world and a growing number of these organizations are geared towards the Female African American (and rightfully so). Not until recently, have we come across an organization that not only supports the African American Female but it is focused on a unique and particular genre within this community.

Introducing F.B.I Rocks (which stands for Female Black Inventors Rocks)! This organization will not only be cultivating their members but churning out new female inventors and innovators of color. F.B.I Rocks has done its research and found that there is a shortage of Female Black Inventors and one of the main reasons for this is the lack of support, belief and exposure for these women and young girls.

The Founder of F.B.I Rocks, Yvette Kendall, being an innovator herself gave us firsthand accounts of why there are so little Female Black Inventors currently seen in the market. Kendall states that “The lack of support that we experience is a huge deterrent, as well as the inability to raise funds for prototypes, packaging and marketing and even bigger, we feel that we don’t belong in this industry. Most times when we have a patent or patent-pending that a corporation is interested in, we ultimately sell the rights to the patent or license it out for little of nothing out of ignorance or just to break even.”

Kendall went on to say that “You have to have a really strong character to work in this field, to be turned down and mocked on the daily basis; everyday it’s a fight to keep moving forward. Being a Female Black Inventor has meant that there is less opportunities (even if you have a money making product), less assistance and many unfair deals. This is why F.B.I Rocks is so important; we need a desired and visibly present platform, as well as PR people to promote our innovators from the inside.”

Within the F.B.I Rocks organization they can have access to internal/external funding (via grants and donations), patent education, marketing, prototyping affiliations, packaging, and leads on sales and licensing deals; exposure, assigned PR Reps, Think Tanks, Award Ceremonies and excursions to cultivate the F.B.I Rocks members. F.B.I Rocks has another attracting quality to it, it has a flair for fashion and entertainment embedded in it, and the reason for this is because Kendall says that, the image of inventors must change because we have evolved to be strong, beautiful and fashionable while changing the world too!

When you visit their website (http://i74142.wix.com/fbirocks and www.FBIRocks.com ) you can see it instantly, the fashionable cool logo with the sultry afro and the over-sized circle rim sunglasses, she screams urban runway couture. Kendall was very particular about the logo, she says, “I wanted to draw in the young woman and the mature woman, I wanted our FBI’s to identify with it. I also felt that wearing this logo on a t-shirt or a hat is a fashion statement all its own, it’s very eye-catching and sheik”.

The grand launching for F.B.I Rocks will be happening soon, rumored to be in Atlanta, Georgia at a high profile location, a little birdie told me that the who’s who of Black Hollywood may be in attendance and other well known organizations may be in attendance because of affiliations. We look forward to the launch and the new innovations that we will see by ladies of color because of the F.B.I Rocks Organization.


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