Fear and

April 12, St. Teresa of Los Andes, Fear and Being A Trouble Maker

Ez. 37:21-28, Jn 11:45-56

Why would people turn on Jesus? He did good things didn't he?  As long as you do the nice things--like simply feed people, be nice--then all is well, , but when you live out what you are teaching that is when you get into trouble. He challenged the power structures, he lived simply, he followed his own path.

I remember being told as a young pastor by a district superintendent--"You preach great sermons, but you try living that  out, you will not be a nice guy."  I have been asked by people, "Why do people want to hurt you?, you do nice things."    For one thing I challenge the system, like anyone else who challenges the status quo--troule follows.

Jesus challenged the status quo. On Palm  Sunday he was popular by Friday he was dead. Our friend Will Tuttle is a great vegan--but he dares to speak out the truth of why he is a vegan--and he too gets in trouble. Being a trouble maker is painful, and deadly, but from experience it is a  helll of a lot of fun.: Deo Gratias! Thanks be To God!

The word vegan, newer and more challenging than the word vegetarian because it includes every sentient being in its circle of concern and addresses all forms of unnecessary cruelty from an essentially ethical perspective, points to an ancient idea that has been articulated for many centuries, especially in the world’s spiritual traditions.

It indicates a mentality of expansive inclusiveness and is able to embrace science and virtually all religions because it is a manifestation of the yearning for universal peace, justice, wisdom, and freedom.


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