Fear and Parenting

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Julie Dance
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Angry Julie Monday

I wrote this post last year as I was preparing for my son to enter kindergarten.  I went on a typical twitter rant about the costs of my son attending school.  I had my son's name monogrammed on his backpack, because his teacher sent a letter home that we needed EVERYTHING labeled.  I complained that the monogramming cost more than the actual items.  After I sent the tweet out, I got at least 10 dm's (direct messages) and at least 15 tweets on the safety of my son.  Many people (actual most) people whom follow me on Twitter don't know that I work in law enforcement full-time, hold two law enforcement related degrees, and have been in the business for 14 years.  If anyone is going to be an expert on the safety of my child, it is me.  I think society has created this anxiety of "the ice cream truck kidnapper" via media, etc. and I hope to de-mystify that fact.  Most kidnappings are actually parent or relative involved.  I believe that sometimes technology media, and even social media have created this "unreasonable social anxiety, fear and panic".