Fear of a Black Planet

I spent the better part of this week thinking the next day was Thursday.  Probably because Thursday is Payday and I was running on fumes.

Kids are like money succubi - they never need a solid number.  It's always seven here for book fair, three here for lunch, five here for what ever.  I bleed coins.

This week has been a mixed bag of nonsense   I thought I was through with election foolishness, but reports of countries wanting to secede are crowding  my Twitter timeline.  When The Teen was The Girl, she used to say she lived in the Me-nited States.  I emphasized the "U" a bit too much.  Folks in Texas and California seem to be emphasizing the "U" too much also. Can't we all just get along?

Poor Elmo.


This week the kids want to sleep in.

My mom declares she's Ride or Die (sigh)

My family sings the classics

The Classics


When both kids were younger we absolutely adored Bananas in Pajamas.  As The Teen inches closer to university (God willing), I seem to be extra nostalgic for a younger her.  I have recently begin to hum the theme for Bananas in Pajamas and tried to find the soundtrack on Amazon. The Boy is also singing the classics thanks to Regular Show.

We're not setting up the chairs!

His two favorites are We're Not Gonna Take It

Not Taking it It

And Don't Believe The Hype

Bring the Noise

Ride or Die

My sister got my mom a cell phone for her birthday.  I now receive messages at 3:50 AM or some other odd time.  Queenie discovered You Tube and this video:

Urban Dictionary and the phrase Ride or Die. She's also one of those Facebook stalkers.

Oy vey

Sleeping Beauties

The kids want to quit scouts so they can sleep in on Saturdays.  I told them unless they were performing with their famous but not equally talented siblings that was a no. Children, especially children of color, don't have the luxury of sleeping in.  Saturday mornings are for fun activities such as scouts, a sport, trips to museums, getting away from the TV.  When I was a kid, there was ONLY Saturday morning cartoons but in this day there's TV every where you turn.  Eff Outta HERE! Both children have noticed the difference between children of privilege and children at a disadvantage.  Since we hover somewhere in the middle, they have to go that extra mile at times.  They may not always like it, but it is what it is.  Sleeping in on Saturdays only serves to keep them at a disadvantage. Sleeping in means they are unprepared for what the day may bring.  They may miss opportunities because they are still at home instead of out and about.  They get to load on horrible Richard Scary TV shows and repeats of 16 and Pregnant.  Until they live in their own house and pay bills in THEIR names, they will continue to live under a dictatorship where I am dictator for life.


***What are you thoughtful about today?***


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