Fear Factor is Having a Newborn with Teenagers--From Lost in Suburbia Stories

Six long years.  SIX YEARS I waited for him to join our family due to a struggle with secondary infertility.  When he finally did make his arrival, he joined two teenaged sisters who were sixteen and fourteen.  My daughter was our oldest, my step-daughter became our middle, and the baby we finally managed to make together will definitely remain that; the baby.  Some of our scariest moments, biggest challenges and greatest rewards Lost [and sleepless] in Suburbia, definitely involved having teenagers and an infant in the house at the same time.

Not that I was sorry, I certainly wasn’t.  He was all that I’d hoped for, and so very much more.  I was delighted to have the privilege to experience a boy after having almost raised two daughters.  There were moments I wondered, however, about the Universe’s planning—and obvious sense of humor—because  of course, as anyone with teenagers knows, you’re not remotely finished and raising them right isn’t remotely easy, especially with a blended family.

We had an inkling of how challenging it might prove to be almost immediately.  Let this be fair warning to those of you considering parenthood again with teenagers already in your house....    

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