Fear, Faith & A Little Bit Of Caffeine

Fear, Faith & A Little Bit Of Caffeine


It’s funny how one venti cafe mocha along side of a Starbucks perfect oatmeal can significantly improve your outlook for the day ahead. After weeks of sickness encapsulating my home I finally have a second to redeem a gift card I have been holding hostage in my purse for so long.  I’ve learned the last couple of years to really appreciate the smaller things in life. An hour I can spend all by myself to write and reflect lately is no “small thing” per say but is so appreciated. I am finding out I struggle in finding a happy medium between “my” time and spending every waking minute with my kids. As a stay at home mom who dabbles a little bit in photography and writing in my spare time I tend to feel completely consumed by my everyday  tasks of housework and caring for my children. This battle I seem to be loosing reminds me of a retreat I went to last year. It was titled “Who’s Holding Your Reigns”, and the speaker was Kim Meeder. In my notes I wrote down a few phrases from her message. One was find an activity that gives you peace, peace with him doing something you love. This would be my writing and photography, both activities that do not cost me a dime to enjoy. So I ask myself, why do I not find time? The second phrase was don’t let Satan steal another day. Wow, that one touched my soul when I read it.  This is exactly what I am doing by making excuses. I have to remember “impossible”  is not in God’s vocabulary, it shouldn’t be in mine either.

It is so crazy how when I am feeling so low I can open up my bible, notes from past speakers, my prayer journal or browsing the internet for inspirational scripture and instantly feel renewed and full of promise. InJeremiah 29:11 the Lord says “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord ” plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. I must trust in him and put him in control of my life. The only thing I control is my choices, and I must lean to him when making those choices. Fear and faith do not occupy together, therefore if I have fear it takes complete control, in result I am not putting God first.

As I sit here sipping the last bit of my latte left, I have to ask myself if I am taking his advice and putting it in my daily life. Am I seeking him first? Really the bottom line is the trials in our life are really blessings in disguise,  I must embrace every one of them knowing he is in complete control. I encourage you to do the same and take a minute alone to reflect on what is important in your life and ask yourself if it should be.


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